Steven Shattuck Named Indiana’s Most Influential Up & Comer

Steven Shattuck has been named Indiana’s Most Influential Up & Comer at the 2012 Indiana Social Media Summit.

Indiana Social Media Summit

Past winners include:

Other 2012 winners include:

A full list of 2012 nominees can be found here.

About The Indiana Social Media Summit:

The #Indiana Social Media Summit and SMackdown awards provide an opporturnity for #Indiana’s Most INfluential Social Media Elite — from the Banks of the Ohio to the Shores of Lake Michigan — to collaborate on a project that will:

  • foster healthy competition
  • generate a list of SM best practices
  • create feelings of goodwill and unity
  • showcase #Indiana’s grooviness to the world
  • encourage all involved to laugh at themselves


The #Indiana Social Media Summit is the brainchild of social media ethnographer and strategist Amy Stark, M.A..  Ms. Stark launched the INaugural SMackdown event after publishing The Tweeter’s Almanac First Edition: The Great #Indiana Initiative of Aught Nine in order to:

  • Generate a list of social media best practices
  • Create feelings of goodwill and unity among social media professionals in Indiana
  • Showcase Indiana’s “grooviness” to the world
  • Encourage all involved to NOT take themselves too seriously
Steven Shattuck

Steven Shattuck

VP of Marketing at Bloomerang
Steven Shattuck is VP of Marketing at Bloomerang, which helps nonprofit organizations to reach, engage and retain the advocates they depend on to achieve their vision for a better world.
Steven Shattuck
Steven Shattuck

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  1. Love the earnest mission of defining the best social media practices combined with grooviness and encouraging members to NOT take themselves too seriously

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