Jan 14

Startup Marketing – Max Impact – Digital Marketing Show

I was a recent guest on an episode of Max Impact, a weekly digital marketing show hosted by Max Minzer. We chatted about startup marketing and my strategies for building an online community around Bloomerang.

You can watch the whole conversation here:

Max Impact

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Dec 13

Steven Shattuck Named Indiana’s Most Influential

Steven Shattuck has been named Indiana’s Most Influential at the 2013 Indiana Social Media Summit.

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Nov 13

Thoughts on the PERQ Launch Party

Last week, the Indianapolis-based marketing company PERQ threw a party to celebrate the launch of their new brand, which consolidates its three companies – CIK Enterprises LLC, Tri-Auto and Trace Communications - into one.

Their sprawling complex on the northwest side played host to hundreds of guests in the marketing/tech community.

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Oct 13

AuthorRank, Google Authorship and Google+ Demystified

On September 19th, I spoke to the Indy Social Media breakfast group about AuthorRank, Google Authorship, Google+ and the SEO/content marketing implications of all three. In case you missed it, you can watch a replay here:

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Aug 13

AuthorRank Isn’t Real (Yet) So Don’t Worry About It (Too Much)

Yesterday I spoke at Mixwest (formerly Blog Indiana) about AuthorRank. Over the last 18 or so months, AuthorRank has been a hot topic in the SEO and content marketing circles. As with anything new and exciting in the internet marketing world, there tends to be a lot of misinformation, speculation and conjecture surrounding the topic of AuthorRank. In case you missed my presentation, allow me clarify some things about AuthorRank: Continue reading →

Aug 13

Mixwest 2013 – AuthorRank

If you’ve followed SEO and Internet marketing news over the past year or so, youve no doubt come across the concept of AuthorRank, which AJ Kohn says could be more disruptive than all of the Panda updates combined. Google has stated that the identity of individual agents responsible for content can be used to influence search ratings. In other words, Google will begin (or has begun) to consider not only content quality as the basis of search results, but also their authors. Many believe that AuthorRank will be the definitive SEO ranking factor for all content on the web. Continue reading →

Feb 13

A Social Media Marketing Primer for the Fashion Industry

On February 20th, I joined Lindsay Manfredi, Douglas Karr, Megan Giannini, Jenni Edwards and Jacqueline Simard for a panel discussion at the Pattern Indy / Social Media Happy Hour meetup at the Speak Easy. We had a great discussion on the topic of social media for the fashion industry. You can listen to a recording of the full discussion here. Continue reading →

Jan 13

The Golden Circle – Flipping the Script on Your Marketing Message

I first saw Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” a few months ago, and it fundamentally changed the way I think about marketing. Continue reading →

Jan 13

Social media and casino sites

Social networking has become a norm for everyone around the world.

While we are still in the early stages of social media, it moves at an extremely fast pace and businesses have already found ways to make social media beneficial to their business. The gaming industry is a good example of an industry that has grown massively over the last decade and brought big changes.

The explosion in online casino for example. Online casino sites have become more and more interactive and with the growth in mobile gaming, responsive games are more important than ever. Integrating social media with gaming has been the obvious next step for online casino and gaming sites such as GamingClub.com/au and this is a mutually beneficial relationship for businesses and gamers.

In order to keep appealing to mass audiences, the gaming industry has to continually evolve and adapt and stay up to date with trends as well as ahead of them. Social media is an obvious addition to the gaming industry as it is something that all businesses have adopted, but it is a seamless addition in an industry where interactivity is paramount.

Most casino sites have forums where gamers can discuss games, features etc., but through social media, the discussion is thrown open to the whole world in a much more accessible way.

For example the ability to communicate via twitter directly with the developers and other gamers is very appealing and having Facebook like pages are very beneficial to gaming sites because they can advertise new games directly to their community and have special offers as incentive to sign up to sites. Many sites often have how to videos on YouTube as well.

Jan 13

3 Simple Ideas For Recurring Content On Your Church Website

A majority of church websites are nothing more than static billboards that communicate little more than worship times and an address. Adding new content on a regular basis is key to keeping your website looking fresh and attractive to prospective first-time guests. It’s also a great way to highlight the staff, leadership and members of your congregation. Here are three simple ideas for regularly recurring content on your church website that will take little-to-no extra work to create and publish:

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